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  • Geography
    • Born and raised in the Midwest (Omaha, NE)
    • Currently reside in Santa Monica, CA
    • Have also lived in... Washington DC; Kenya; Durango, CO; NYC; CA: San Francisco, Palo Alto, Menlo Park; Seattle, WA
  • Have worked as...
    • Program Manager on Microsoft's Windows Azure
    • A PhD student in Computer Science at Stanford University under Prof. John C. Mitchell
    • A research assistant focused on botnet detection for a public-private DARPA project at Stanford University in concert with VMWare
    • A teaching assistant for cryptography (cs255) and computer+network security (cs155) classes at Stanford
    • An intern developer on a toolkit for Digitally Signing and Encrypting XML Documents, SOAP messages, and Web Services at RSA Inc. (now part of EMC)
    • A network engineer at Juniper Networks
    • An analyst for a venture capital firm in Omaha, NE (McCarthy Capital)
    • A trip leader for multi-week outdoor (backpacking the La Plata mountains in SW CO, paddling the Green River, whitewater rafting through Cataract Canyon on the Colorado River), cross-cultural (worked on Navajo, Hopi, Havasupai reservations, also with the Gullah people in Sapelo Island, GA and in the Dominican Republic), and community service trips
  • Likes (as enumerated here)
    • In general, I am passionate about being all that I can be. To that end, I read a lot about human psychology (how the brain works, how to make behavioral change), business trends (applying business management techniques for superior performance in one's own life and habits), spirituality (tuning into our inner self). My favorite writers and thinkers right now are: Martha Beck, Daniel Pink, Anne LaMott, Fr. James Martin, SJ, Barbara Sher, Cheryl Richardson, Martin Seligman.
      • Psychology books I've enjoyed include: The Female Brain, Gifts of Imperfection, Brain Rules, Learned Optimism, Emotional Intelligence, Authentic Happiness, I Thought It Was Just Me, ...
      • Good reads on business trends and/or management include: Switch, Drive, Blink, A Whole New Mind, Freakonomics, Bury My Heart at Conference Room B, Delivering Happiness, Free Agent Nation, The Long Tail, Learn to Earn, Good to Great, Built to Last, The Power of Habit, The Power of Full Engagement, ...
      • My favorite books on Design: The Art of Everyday Things, Don't Make Me Think, 
      • Good reads on Spirituality and God: Traveling Mercies (LOVE Anne Lamott), The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything, Expecting Adam, Awareness, Man's Search for Meaning, The Unmistakable Touch of Grace, Road Less Traveled, Already There (by Mark Mossa, SJ)
      • Career/Life design: Finding Your Own North Star, I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was, The Art of Extreme Self Care, Sacred Contracts
    • I have been a runner for over 20 years - not a competitive distance runner but an everyday-five-miles-or-so runner. If I have something to think about or a decision to make, I go for a run to work it out.
    • My absolute favorite thing in the world is puttering around on the weekend, with nothing major planned (though maybe a great dinner out for Saturday night) to just go to and fro doing what my spirit dictates! (Singlehood has some perks.)
    • Connecting with my close friends and/or family members and sharing our stories.